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Do it for the team! With our adventures for companies, you’ll boost the company’s motivation and the improve the team’s involvement with it.


How difficult is the management of human resources! A company is a complex organization in which all parties have to know their functions accurately and at the same time be fully coordinated so that everything works correctly. Paddling in the same direction, but each with its paddle, is fundamental to reach a good port.

Motivational talks are pretty cool, we know it, but we also know that educating in commitment, motivating and getting involved and coordinating all parts of the team is complicated. That is why we bring you a different concept: we design tailor made games, adapted to the positions and responsibilities of the people who are going to participate in them, who encourage the assumption of responsibilities of different jobs in a motivating way and involve a combination of physical activity and open air.
We can not give you many clues … weC only tell you that in the game we design for you will live a real adventure in which each member of the team will discover its importance within the group. You will have to follow clues, make decisions that will lead you in unexpected ways, lose you and reach agreements to find you … All team members will have their part in a journey that you will have to try to complete. Do you think you’ll get it?
In order that we can design the game, we need you to make the reservation with a minimum of 30 days in advance.


CONTACT US FOR A TAILOR MADE PLAN (customize duration, price and location).
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