Catherine Destivelle. The one who looked at the Ogre´s face

Catherine Destivelle. The one who looked at the Ogre´s face

Catherine Destivelle. La que miró a la cara al Ogro

Eiger. The Ogre. 3.970 m of risk, adventure and fight.

North Face of the Eiger. In capital letter. His name causes a cold blast that runs down your spine.

Catherine Destivelle is alone in front of that great wall. The one that has swallowed so many lives. But she does not stop. Nothing can make she to stop. It is not her first time in front of a huge challenge, her name has even been put to an imposing route of the Aiguille du Dru.

o es su primera vez ante un gran reto, incluso le habían puesto su nombre a una imponente ruta de la Aiguille du Dru

It is winter season. Going up and down as soon as possible is not a matter of ego, but of survival. Let´s go, climbing is your strength, it is not a time of fear or weakness. You did not doubt four years ago when you got the first female 8a+ grade in history. But this is differen…

Look up. A little more, it is not so easy to cover the 1,800 m wall. Even the neck hurts. The stomach does not know exactly what to do.

It is 1992. No woman before has tried to climb the North Face of the Ogre by herself and in winter season. But she is determined to get it. The withdrawal does not fit into their plans.

17 horas después baja triunfal. Lo ha conseguido. Ha marcado un hito en la historia del alpinismo

She has been preparing herself psychologically and technically. He has always known what to hard work is.

17 hours later she is back triumphant. He has achieved it. It has marked a milestone in the history of mountaineering.

To know more about this epic project we recommend you to read it from her. In her book “Ascensions” she narrates this and other of her great adventures.

Thank you for inspiring, for fighting, for making a difference. Excuse the pressure you were subjected to for a long time. Your excellence has marked the lives of many people who have seen in you a reference, a model.




Madridadventours wants to dedicate this little tribute to you on your birthday. 4

Congratulations “titana”.

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