The first thing we thought of was what we could offer, and it occurred to us that there was nothing better than what we ourselves enjoy whenever we can. That is why we are so convinced that what we offer causes happiness.

Based on the knowledge and experience of each and every member of the team, we have designed a plan that includes adventures, courses and tours that covers options for all tastes. From those who seek a first experience in this type of activities to those who already have corns in all parts of those that come from the veterany. Whatever your level and preferences, we adapt to you to enjoy to the maximum your stay with us.

We create complete experiences, in which we take care of everything so that you only have to enjoy. You’re going to stand dwarfed with us. We will make you feel like a real adventurer.

But we do not just offer adventures: we also offer security. We take care of you at all times. We are who your mother would like to accompany you on the trip of your choice.

We believe that life can be fun and wonderful, that bad days exist, but that they have a solution, and that the best way to deal with them is to release endorphins naturally. We believe that each one has to find his own way, that each one likes one thing and that there is no better way to discover which one than trying new things.

We make you live what you could only dream of. Get out of your routine and live.



All our collaborators are qualified guides, some of them with more than 10 years of experience. Several even live in the mountains, and they know every corner. They are experts in the different disciplines in which they are involved with us, and give 100% of themselves every day.

All our guides have accident insurance and liability insurance, and will take care of your safety at all times.

Thanks to the contributions, the experience and the different points of view of our collaborators, we get the whole team to grow together. We want to thank them for their effort and dedication. We are sure that if you dare to do some adventure with us, you will be thankfull too.

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