12 different plans to do in Madrid

12 different plans to do in Madrid

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12 different plans to do in Madrid

Madrid is a city that offers more and more plans and variety of things to do. The Leisure Guide offers information on activities to be carried out throughout the Autonomous. But we have decided to save you time to search and here you have a compilation of activities, ranging from mountaineering plans or activities of some physical activity, to the gastronomic offer of the capital, through alternative plans.

We are sure that, whether you are from outside or resident in Madrid, you will appreciate the proposals that we offer you in the following lines. In addition, some of our plans are to do them with children, as a couple, or alone, so you can not say that we do not give you options. 😉

  • Running tours (Sightrunning)


Do you like to run but you would also want to go through emblematic and historical places of the capital? You are lucky, there is a new modality that has become trend: sightrunning.

Tourism and sport, two in one! In addition, you can socialize with other runners, as more and more are joining to this healthy and fun way to visit Madrid.

If this is your plan, we offer you several options: from a classic tour through the most typical areas of the city center to a tour through a legendary Madrid, getting into the anecdotes and stories that the city hides, and a green tour in which we run into the Casa de Campo, a park that at the time was of the royalty and nowadays can be enjoyed daily by all type of athletes and passers-by.

  • To attend a microteatro play

microteatro en madrid

In these times, we have less time and money to dedicate to cultural activities. Should we therefore renounce culture? We do not think so, so we propose a solution.

Due to its price, theater is often a cultural activity that many can not afford. Some years ago, a group of visionaries brought from Argentina a concept that surpasses that obstacle, the microtheater. They are short works, about 15 minutes, in a small space and with few spectators. The value for money of this activity is unbeatable.

There are more and more places to enjoy this theatrical format, but we recommend you to start here: microteatro.es. Located in c / Ballesta, 4, between the subway of Santo Domingo and Chueca, they offer micro-works of 15 minutes on the same theme, represented in small spaces for less than fifteen spectators per pass and several sessions a day. This way, the viewer can choose both the time he wants to spend in the theater, according to the number of works he wants to see, as well as the price he wants to pay, since each visit to a room is paid individually. As a perfect complement, Microteatro has a bar-restaurant, meeting place between spectators and artists of the medium, where the viewer hopes to enter his next session while having some refreshment.

  • Climbing baptism

bautismo de escalada

Leaving the city, Madrid offers spectacular views along its mountain range. La Pedriza and La Cabrera offer alternative plans for those who like to enjoy outdoor plans.

Rock climbing is not only a great sport to enjoy the nature of the Sierra de Madrid, but is also one of the best ways to keep fit by doing something fun.

If you have never practiced this sport, we recommend you to start at La Pedriza. It is a paradise for lovers of climbing, both because of  its beauty and of the several ranges of difficulty. It is the perfect place for you to perform your baptism of climbing.

We offer you a magnificent and complete baptism of climbing in which we assure you that you will enjoy as a child. In addition we offer other climbing adventures in different places of the mountain range, as well as different courses for those who want to advance and improve in this sport.

  • Canyoning


Do you like strong emotions? Then you will love this option. Canyoning is an activity that consists of crossing river ravines, crossing obstacles and natural accidents that emerg along the way.

It is another great way to enjoy the best views and at the same time to merge with nature while practicing outdoor sports.

We offer you to go to the Barranco de Somosierra, the only one where you can practice this sport in the Community of Madrid. Visit our page to discover what this incredible adventure offers. Experience a unique experience in the best hands!

  • Scape rooms

escape room madrid

Scape romos are an original form of group entertainment. It consists of trying to escape from  rooms or closed areas, set in different themes. For this, you must use your ingenuity and solve riddles or overcome tests.

There are several options to perform this original activity in Madrid, but we can not fail to recommend one of them: The Rombo Code (https://madrid.therombocode.es/). We played with them and we loved it! They have different games from which you can choose. For the moment we have only made “the mystery of Don Quixote”, but it is clear that we will return! Not the first time we did a scape room but this one felt special. In addition to being hilarious, the staff is 10! It seems they compete with each other for being the best employee! Inside the room you will have 60 minutes to follow the clues and solve the mystery that they propose in this complete game in which you will not be able to slow down the pace nor one minute … Will you be able to emerge victorious?

  • Practice yoga in El Retiro or Debod Temple

hacer yoga en el retiro

Did you know that El Retiro was created in the seventeenth century “for relief and recreation” of King Philip IV? Even if you do not have the blue blood, now you can also enjoy this emblematic Madrid park. And what better way to enjoy it than practicing a Yoga class? It is often offered in summer time, ususally in the evening. You can find several groups, some of them open and other charge the will, but if you want to enjoy something a little different, we recommend the Acroyoga classes taught by Susan Miller and Elias Cadena behind the glass palace. Have fun learning to fly!

Another option for practicing yoga is found in the Temple of Debod. Here you can also practice acroyoga (although just like in the previous case, only during the months with good weather), thanks to the Acroyoga group of Tabacalera. With this group you can share, learn and teach others in an extraordinary atmosphere of rapport and good vibrations.

  • Gastronomic route

ruta gastronomica madrid

Being the capital of a country whose cuisine is considered among the best in the world, the gastronomy of the Community of Madrid is one of the strong points of our tourist attraction.

In the restaurants of our land, you can try the popular “cocido”, “tapas”, roasts, “callos” and other dishes and drinks of international renown. Give a treat to your palate and visit any of these restaurants in Madrid:


  • Visit the Botanic Garden

jardin botanico madrid

Another of the caprices of royalty, the Botanical Garden, is next to the Prado Museum.

It is a living museum that is changing its essence depending on the time of the year. In the Exhibition Greenhouse you will see carnivorous plants and other exotic species. In the Terraza de los Laureles you will transport to Granada. In the Terraza de las Escuelas Botánicas you can walk around 12 fountains. In the Terraza de los Cuadros you will see medicinal plants. In Terraza Alta you can enjoy a collection of Bonsai donated by former President Felipe González. And finally, you can visit the Terraza del Plano de la Flor, with its romantic atmosphere.

  • Enjoy La Casa de Campo

ruta bici casa campo

This is another proposal that combines sport and the visit of another emblematic place of Madrid, the Casa de Campo. Located very close to the center of Madrid, the Casa de Campo is a historic park of a forest character with a large surface, covered by different tree formations, mainly ash forest, pines, holm oaks and elms.

It is an ideal place to practice cycling, since there is practically no motorized traffic in the area, which allows the safe practice of this sport through a pleasant green area of ​​Madrid.

We often go to this wonderful park to practice our running tours. We are always discovering new things, and sometimes we are lucky enough to meet some unexpected animal. Do you want to come?

  • Walk along Madrid Río

madrid rio

Madrid River is a wide promenade, surrounding the river Manzanares, located in the southwest part of the city. It is another nice place to walk, exercise, take a refreshment, play, swing, watch the river, enjoy the skatepark or admire its bridges.

It is a perfect plan to enjoy with family, since there are several mini-playgrounds. Besides, you can also skate or ride a bike…

If you want to know more about this area to enjoy with children, look at our post “tourism with children”.


  • Climb to Peñalara

Circo y cima de Peñalara

One of the most popular routes of Guadarrama saw is the ascent to Peñalara. If you are in Madrid, in a time without snow or excessive heat, this route, of medium difficulty, is a great option for those who want to ascend a peak with spectacular views.

If you wanna know more about this route, you can find extra information in our post “10 hiking trails in Madrid you can not miss”.

  • Watch the sunset in Debod Temple

Puesta de sol templo debod

The temple of Debod, located a few minutes walking from Plaza de España, offers one of the best stages to see the sunset in Madrid.

From its viewpoint you can see a panoramic view of the surrounding area from the Casa de Campo to the summits of Guadarrama. But perhaps its main attraction is the ancient Egyptian temple that gives name to the enclave.

Egypt donated this temple in 1968 to Spain as a reward for the aid granted in the rescue of the temples of Abu Simbel on the occasion of the construction of the Great Dam of Aswan (1960), following a call by UNESCO for this purpose.

Have you ever tried any of these activities and you like would to tell us your opinion or contribute something else? We will be happy to read your comments.

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