10 hiking trails in Madrid you can not miss

10 hiking trails in Madrid you can not miss

el yelmo la pedriza

Hiking trails in Madrid

Are you ready to enjoy hiking trails the middle of the nature only one step away from Madrid? You can choose according to your level, because in this post you will find routes to your taste whether you are beginner or advanced hiker.

It is true that there is no beach here but… We have a really wonderful saw! This saw has a great number of ideal places to make trekking routes. It is a fantastic option to get out of the chaos of the big city and lose sight of the cement for a few days or a few hours, according to your time, and enjoy a spectacular landscape and flora: lagoons, cliffs, waterfalls, peaks, beech forest and, everything, a few kilometers away from the capital.

Today we bring you ten hiking trails that we think are essential in the Community of Madrid

  1. Laggons and Cirque of Peñalara

First of all, a classic: The National Park of Peñalara. This is a protected area located in the Sierra de Guadarrama, near the municipalities of Rascafría and Cercedilla. Because we have protected spaces here in Madrid, did you know that? About 60 km away from the city of Madrid, we find a spectacular landscape formed by three small circuses, two moraines and large number of lagoons of glacial origin. The highest point of the Sierra de Guadarrama is dominated by Peñalara peak, 2,428 meters above sea level and with a height of 1,113 meters. A show you can not miss!

This is a medium difficulty climbing to the peak, but the National Park offers other options of a minor difficulty. The best time to take this hiking route is in spring and autumn, but any time you can enjoy a great variety of vegetation: ash trees, holly, pines, heather and jarales will accompany you throughout the tour. A really good route to start our journey through the paths offered by the Sierra of Madrid.

  1. The integral of La Pedriza

la pedriza

The following porpouse will take you through the Europe’s largest granite environment on a circular route. It is one of the most mythical and demanding hiking trails in the Community of Madrid

You may have already seen some image of La Pedriza, but … Have you visited it yet? Do not hesitate any longer and go for it, you will find a landscape made up of a group of granite cliffs that have a very peculiar shape thanks to the erosion produced by water and ice; Spectacular! This particular landscape makes this route deserves to be traveled despite its high difficulty due to the large number of risks and abundant ascents and descents included in it.

  1. Hayedo de Montejo

This route is a delight, has a low difficulty and is ideal for the whole family. Hayedo de Montejo is located in the Sierra del Rincón and next to the Ayllón one. A “rare avis” in the surroundings of the central plateau. It is a very peculiar fairytale landscape, because it is not normal to find this flora in the characteristic dry climate of the plateau, which could be formed thanks to the glaciations that allowed its flowering.

Did you know since 2005 this Sierra del Rincón has been considered a Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations organization? From the mid-eighties it was agreed that in order to go through it, everybody had to ask for a permit.
So do not forget to book before you go! If you want, contact us and we will help you to do it.

Hiking for children in Madrid

Very good news for the whole family! Finally a plan to do with children! It has up to three different paths. One of them, the one of the river, is suitable for people with reduced mobility. An ideal hiking route to travel with family or children, as the forest area is sheltered from the sun and the terrain is very walkable. The other two paths are that of the Ladera and the Mirador. You no longer have an excuse not to go hiking together!

In the visit to the beech forest you can enjoy a particular fauna and an ecosystem that hosts a great number of species. For example, there are up to 120 species of butterflies, surpassing those of the British Isles! You can also find protected species, such as the otter and the green-black lizard, among others. During the autumn the landscape becomes multicolored and is quite a spectacle. Do not miss it!

  1. Abantos from El Escorial and La Naranjera lookout

Monte Abantos

If you want to enjoy spectacular views, just 45 minutes from Madrid you can find this hiking trail, located at the western end of the Sierra de Guadarrama. There is Mount Abantos, which is 1,753 meters high and the most important mountain in the town of El Escorial, and provides us with spectacular views. After completing the route you can recover your strength in one of the best restaurants in El Escorial.

You also have the option to have a picnic, since in addition to the route of Abantos, you can visit the refuge of La Naranjera. This shelter has shade areas where you can rest and appreciate one of the best views of the Valley of the Fallen. Do not you know this mountain? Well, come on, it’s around the corner!

  1. Circular route to La Cabrera climbing the Pico de la Miel

Pico de la Miel

This route also stands out for its views and its peculiar profile in the landscape, recognized by its wave form about to break. La Cabrera is located on the N-1 Madrid-Burgos road, in the diversion to Cabrera in Km 57.

It is a moderate difficulty circular route. The north side is ideal for strolling through its many peaks and enjoying the beautiful views from the Pico de la Miel. Has the bug already bit you? We are looking forward to doing it again! Are you already convinced? We are looking forward to doing it again!

  1. Canencia birch forest and Pico Perdiguera

Abedular de canencia

If there is an ideal route to do in autumn this is the one. Located in El Puerto de Canencia in the Sierra de Guadarrama, Canencia birch forest is a fairytale landscape a few km away from the city of Madrid. This path is a wonderful walk that has its greatest splendor in the autumn months, when we can find a varied palette of colors in its vegetation. An ideal place in which to disconnect from the urban grind of the capital. To recover your strength we recommend you to take a look at some of the restaurants of the port and enjoy the garden and the roasts of the area.

We suggest to complete the route from the Port of Canencia for those in good shape, starting the path to Perdiguera Peak. Worth completing, you will not regret it! This peak is 1,863 meters high. The path go through part of the Sierra de Guadarrama from East to West.

  1. The Labyrinth of La Pedriza

La Pedriza

We have seen the integral route of La Pedriza before, and this time we will focus on The Labyrinth of La Pedriza. This journey is for experienced trekkers who know how to orient themselves in this deceptive mountain or for novice hikers who want to do it accompanied by the help of a guide, because here it is easier to get lost than many believe. Do not be fooled because this is a well known mountain near Madrid, because it hides the routes and creates new faked trails that often deceive you.

Located in the Sierra de Guadarrama, this is a challenge for the hikers who go into it. With a very irregular terrain, it is a movie landscape. If you are well prepared you will make the difference between an adventure or horror movie.

And that is that this circular route is especially dangerous in adverse conditions, cold, snow, blizzards, etc. So to do it is better to make sure that we are going to have good weather conditions so we can make a good route and enjoy its wonderful places.

  1. Cuerda larga

Cuerda larga

If you have reached here it means that you are really interested in hiking, and you probably already have some experience. In this case, this route is for you: Cuerda Larga is a non-circular route with a rather high difficulty. Starting at Puerto de la Morcuera, at an altitude of 1,796 meters, we arrive at the Pico de la Najarra.

From there you will pass through different peaks, among which we can find the two Cabezas de Hierro or the Bola del Mundo, among others, from where you can enjoy wonderful views of the Sierra de Guadarrama, the Lozoya Valley, Peñalara and La Pedriza . All in one route! The tour ends in the Port of Navacerrada, although there is also the option of taking the route in the other direction, starting at the Port of Navacerrada and ending at the Najarra.

Of course it is important, as always, and more in routes with some difficulty to provide water and supplies, as well as ensure the climate conditions. The best time of the year to do this route is spring or autumn, although you can also do it in winter if you use snowshoes or in summer if you wake up early enough… calculate it because the route will take you approximately 6 hours, and in the middle of the morning it is too hot on the route between peaks. If you take the summer option, do not forget your warm clothes too, because the wind from the peaks and areas of permanent snow can make you miss the heat of Madrid.

  1. Siete Picos circular

Siete Picos

Surely you have heard about Siete Picos, and if not, here we will tell you. 65 kilometers away from Madrid you can find one of the most recognized profiles of the saw of Madrid: Los Siete Picos. With an undeniable appeal landscape, every week there are many who are encouraged to walk the path that joins their peaks.

It is one of the most peculiar landscapes of Madrid. If you are a beginner, it is a very affordable route, as long as you do not go climbing the peaks, of course! If you climb to all the peaks the route becomes a little harder, but the truth is that they have a very funny climb, so since you’re in the race, try to climb one of them at least!

This route usually starts from the Port of Navacerrada where you take the road that leads to the base of the ski lift called El Telégrafo. The return can be made by the Schmidt Way, a very pleasant path that is largely sheltered in the shade by the trees that surround the route. In this path you will meet many people who live in the area and who goes to take their daily walk or to take out their dog, so it is also ideal to do with children if you make a round trip along the same path.

The estimated time to complete this route is three and a half or four hours so you can cover its almost 10 km. It is a very affordable tour so go ahead!

  1. El Paular Monastery and El Purgatorio Waterfalls

Cascadas del Purgatorio

To finish this top 10 we have chosen one of the probably most emblematic routes of the saw of Madrid: El Paular Monastery and El Purgatorio Waterfalls.

This is a beautiful route that begins in front of the Monastery of El Paular, founded in 1390. This architectural relic is today a Benedictine Abbey and can be visited during the summer from Monday to Sunday in the mornings from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and in the afternoons from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Along the way you will find one of the places most frequented in summer by the locals: the Natural Pools of Las Presillas and the oak forest of Rascafría. A wonder you can not miss! We recommend you to go another time other than high season or the key days of the week, as during the summer it is quite possible that there is plenty accumulation of visitors.

During this route and as the road progresses, we will meet Los Cortados de Majada Grande. Its rocks cut of great verticality and the chromatic richness are an essential point of the route for El Paular.

The effort to complete the route has its reward in El Purgatorio Waterfalls, two spectacular waterfalls that form the stream of the river Aguilón. A treat!

As you can see, the saw of Madrid offers a great variety of hiking trails to enjoy nature, a few kilometers from the capital. Get ready and enjoy every step you take! If you have doubts about a route and you want advice, do not hesitate to call us!

If you feel like doing any of these routes, we can guide and share with you all our experience and anecdotes. Complete your adventure with everything that our guides will explain to you during the tour.

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