Learn while having fun in nature. Can you think of a more motivating environment?



We know how difficult it is to get kids motivated, learning and having fun at the same time. That’s why we offer you our help: we offer complete experiences in which students not only enjoy a fun day in the field, but also reinforce the contents and basic skills of each course, as well as different cross-cutting elements.


To this end we have a multidisciplinary team composed of sports technicians and teachers, who are in charge of designing and carrying out everything necessary to achieve this goal.

We propose outings in which we include an initial explanation whereby we try to make the kids aware of the importance of each of their actions in the environment, and take the opportunity to give some basic instructions. There is a route, of between 1 and 3 hours, in which we will touch themes related to nature (forests, senses, ecosystems, landscapes, the environment, etc.), that will vary depending on the age of the students, the time of the year and the preferences of the school. Then there will be activities or educational games in the open air, adapted to the objectives of each school year, which will reinforce what was seen during the excursion. The return route can be by bus, but we also offer the option of doing a walking part, giving a quiet stroll so the kids can relax and make their last comments and questions to the monitors.

We seek meaningful learning through practice, the promotion of curiosity and the relationship of the learned with the reality that surrounds students.